Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

4. Gender, Religion and Caste

Caste system a great Indian Democracy

(a) Caste system a great threat to Indian democracy :
Most of the politicians and scholars accepts that the caste system has become very complicated Presently it has become a great threat to Indian democracy. Caste system implies denial of equality and freedom, and hence is contrary to the principles of equality. As such it is posing a big threat to our democratic policy.
(i) the politics of caste at its worst is being practiced now-a-days.
(ii) This type of politics is responsible for creating social tension, violence and fear psychosis.
(iii) It has given rise to instability in the political system of our country.
(b) Step taken by the government to do away with casteism :
(i) Untouchability has been abolished by Indian Constitution and it has been made a criminal offence.
(ii) The fundamental rights guaranteed in our constitution provide equality and freedom to all citizens.
(iii) Reservation has been provided to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and people of the other backward castes in educational institutions, jobs and legislatures.
(iv) As per Directive principles, state is duty bound to promote and protect the interest of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
(v) Education is provided to more and more people. Inter-caste marriages are being welcomed by most of the state governments, progressive parties and leaders.

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