Democratic Politics

Chapter : 3. Democratic Rights

Fundamental Rights

Meaning of Fundamental Rights :
The Fundamental Rights are those basic condition which are considered essential to be provided to a person for his all-round development. After the inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the U.N. Charter, it has become obligatory for all the member-states of the United Nations to ensure these basic conditions to their respective citizens. These conditions, which are recognised as the primary requirements for the balanced development of a person, are commonly called the ‘Fundamental Rights’.
Significance or importance of the Fundamental Rights :
Fundamental Rights have a special significance or importance of their own, especially for the Indians who remained under foreign rule and oppression for a long time.
1. Fundamental Rights provide those conditions which are essential for the all-round development of human personality.
2. They ensure all such freedoms to an individual which make his life happy and worth living.
3. They provide equality of status and opportunity to every citizen.
4. They save him from exploitation on the part of the state or any individual.
In Short, we can say that the Fundamental Rights offer the best fruits of democracy and provide the best opportunities for self-development.

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