Democratic Politics

Chapter : 1. Electoral Politics

Universal Adult Franchise And Rationale Behind It

Right to express one’s choice by vote is called franchise. When the right to vote or franchise is given to every adult in a state, it is called the Universal Adult Franchise.
Rational behind the Universal Adult Franchise or Merits of the Universal Adult Franchise. There are strong grounds or rationale behind the Universal Adult Franchise :
1. It is based on Political Equality : One person-one vote is now the accepted principle in all democratic countries. This principle is based on political equality. Everybody, whether he is rich or poor, young or old, black or white, man or woman, learned or illiterate, should have equal voice in a democratic country.
2. It establishes a True Democratic Government : If by democracy, we mean the government of the people, then every citizen must have the right to vote. Thus this system of the Universal Adult Franchise establishes a true democratic government.
3. It makes the Government responsible to All : Since Government affects all, it must be responsible to all. This is only possible if the right to vote is given to all are given a say in choosing the government of the country.

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