Democratic Politics

Chapter : 1. Power Sharing

Accommodation in Belgium

Accommodation in Belgium
Belgium leaders recognised the differences that existed in the regional & cultural aspects. So they amended their constitution four times so as to enable everyone to live together within the same country. Some of the elements of the Belgian model are -
1. Constitution prescribes that the number of Dutch and French speaking ministers shall be equal in the central government.
2. Many powers of the central government have been given to state governments of the two regions of the country. The state governments are not subordinate to the central government.
3. Brussels has a separate government in which both the communities have equal representation. The French speaking people accepted equal representation in Brussels because the Dutch speaking community has accepted equal representation in the central government.
4. A 3rd kind government called community government is elected by people belonging to one language community no matter where they live. This government deals with language related issues.

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