MCQ's on PHP Programming Language

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MCQ 1:
Which one of the following is the right way to clone an object?

MCQ 2:
Which magic method is used to implement overloading in PHP?

MCQ 3:
Which feature allows us to call more than one method or function of the class in single instruction?

MCQ 4:
"The class from which the child class inherits is called as _____________.
i) Child class
ii) Parent class
iii) Super class
iv) Base class"

MCQ 5:
Which method is used to tweak an object’s cloning behavior?

MCQ 6:
Which version of PHP introduced the advanced concepts of OOP?

MCQ 7:
If one intends to create a model that will be assumed by a number of closely related objects, which class must be used?

MCQ 8:
Which of the following advanced OOP features is/are not supported by PHP?
i) Method overloading
ii) Multiple Inheritance
iii) Namespaces
iv) Object Cloning