MCQ's on Java Programming

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MCQ 1:
Which of the following is not OOPS concept in Java?

MCQ 2:
Which of the following is a type of polymorphism in Java?

MCQ 3:
When does method overloading is determined?

MCQ 4:
When Overloading does not occur?

MCQ 5:
Which concept of Java is a way of converting real world objects in terms of class?

MCQ 6:
Java programs are

MCQ 7:
Which concept of Java is achieved by combining methods and attribute into a class?

MCQ 8:
Which one of the following is true for Java

MCQ 9:
What is it called if an object has its own lifecycle and there is no owner?

MCQ 10:
How many times does the following code segment execute int x=1, y=10, z=1; do{y>0; x++; y-=2; y=z; z++} while (y>1 && z<10);

MCQ 11:
State weather the following statement is true or false for EJB.1. EJB exists in the middle-tier2. EJB specifies an execution environment3. EJB supports transaction processing