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Rajiv Sharma Staff asked 4 years ago
Explain the process of nutrition in Amoeba with simple example.
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Education Desk Staff answered 4 years ago
The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic. It feeds on unicellular plant or animal.
The various steps of nutrition are ingestion, digestion, assimilation and egestion. When Amoeba comes in contact with food particles, it sends out pseudopodia, which engulfs the prey by forming a food cup, which is known as ingestion. When the tips of the encircling pseudopodia touch each other, the food is encaptured into a bag called food vacuole.
The food vacuole serves as a temporary stomach secreting digestive juice, this step is known as digestion. The digested food gets absorbed and diffuses into the cytoplasm and then assimilated.
Egestion of undigested food takes place at any point on the surface of the body.