Barriers between High School and Higher Education

In today’s era, you have to work very hard to get into college from 12th High School. The biggest hurdle after passing the 12th standard, and the selection of the best college, and confirming the admission. It’s all depends on your good score or grade in classes.

Generally, secondary education is the biggest obstacle for students to attend high school today, enforcing the boundary between higher education and important career. This starts a good career. It takes a lot of money to study in college.

Low-income students are not able to make the most of those available courses and materials. However, high-income students or students of higher educational institutions easily take advantage. This is a big difference in today’s era.

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How to break this barrier
To reduce this gap, high quality, affordable courses should be made available to all students at reasonable rates. Together all the technology coming into the senior year of high school should take the initiative to be embedded in the curriculum.

Many websites offer a sponsored online learning opportunity. With their help, the high school students get the basic knowledge of college-level technology easily. All these costs also come down. Also, affordable higher courses are more comfortable for students from high school to college. A successful model can only be said to have inexpensive classes and leads students to success.

My suggestion is that the cost of the textbook is reduced along with tuition fees for the students. Benefit at least 30%. So that more and more students can take up higher education. Honorable teachers of high school can also establish critical approaches by creating such a blended curriculum.

Students get the direct contribution of teachers for personal support. So, some students keep meeting the teachers directly.

Exam Preparation for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) & State Boards

PhysicsChemistryMathematicsBiologyHistoryEconomicsGeography, Democratic Politics,  

Governments will have to arrange large scale, replication models. Different groups of students can be achieved by adopting statewide adoption. The selection of an appropriate syllabus is required for an important career. College-level degree courses or good courses must be taken at this level.

To make this program successful, the government and the state government should make a good investment in projects. So, in a few years, students will get a good education by teaching the course in high schools. The use of technology to improve students’ urge to learn produces a positive impact, which is steadily increasing.

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