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Rajiv asked 3 months ago

I want to know the importance of studying physics after passing class 10th state boards? What are the Benefits of Studying Physics in schools or universities as CORE Subjects?


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Dr. Mukesh Shrimali Staff answered 3 months ago

Studying Physics is the king of sciences or we say that Physics is a foundation for all sciences.

Some well-known persons also are known as PHYSICISTS in this field Einstein, Rutherford, Bohr, Stephen Hawking, Newton and many more.

It is the branch to study nature and the phenomena that occur all around us every day and everywhere.

You can be studying physics because physics is everywhere around you what you seen from open eyes. Everything happening in the universe or any planet can be explained with the help of physics itself. It explains the origin of the universe, the birth of stars planets and galaxies

  1. You cant understand gravity, sound, speed, concepts without studying physics.
  2. It also involves some or too many mathematical calculations.
  3. It is not a Pure theory subject.
  4. Sometimes work, sound, etc are simpler than diversity, atomic mass, pure or impure substances, its classification, etc.

The working of the fan, bulb, machine, some complex particle accelerators quantum mechanics, astrophysical events are the basic examples of physics are there.

There are many fields to explain physics i.e. engineering, medical, automobile, etc. Really Physics is a VERY INTERESTING subject. That’s all I can say. If viewed with a different angle physics is quite interesting.

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