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We are currently accepting guest posts on my blog, you can share your thoughts related to education, solutions, tips and tricks, and many more. If anybody interested in or like to contribute an article with us, please accept the following guidelines in mind while writing an article.

We guess these rules are very easy to follow for guest post. So, let us play a fair game with us. If we found you are violating any of the rules above, a fair action will be taken which includes removing all your backlinks from our website.

  • All the blog guest posts having content at least 600-700 words.
  • The article having proper headings, subheadings, and paragraphs, images must be well-formatted and uniquely written.
  • No copyright content must be added to the article including duplicate content.
  • Each article or guest post must have compulsory added two or three internal links website. For internal links, use link List of Articles via Blog
  • In an article, use at least one relevant image with good quality.
  • All the posts or articles must be relevant to our topics.
  • Topics include Digital Marketing Techniques, Technology-based Education, Sports activities and travel information sharing, Culture, and Society Improvement and related content areas but we’re open to other designs, concepts and ideas as well.
  • We have reserved the right to remove links, biodata, and others which is not appropriate.
  • Any link used in an article that is useless or irrelevant will be removed.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing. You are free to include a backlink in your bio, as well as a Google+ rel=author link.
  • Please add the attachment as a document in email, relevant images separately.
  • Follow the rules of writing & checking the procedure of authenticity of the blog, online copywriting laws, and any other frauds. So that your blog plays a unique role in search engines.
  • If a blog or content creates any problem. We have the right to hide or delete it.
  • The whole and sole responsibility to follow the rules of plagiarism before sending the content.

Email: info@knowledgeuniverseonline.com

Have a nice day !!

Contact: Mr. Rajiv Sharma

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