MCQ's on HTML Web Development Technology

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MCQ 1:
Which is not the browser?

MCQ 2:
Which is a search engine?

MCQ 3:
Which is the chatting application?

MCQ 4:
Which service provide 3D view of the earth?

MCQ 5:
Which is the threads for clients?

MCQ 6:
Which is not the application of internet?

MCQ 7:
A program that copies itself.

MCQ 8:
TCP/IP is a

MCQ 9:
TCP/IP mainly used for

MCQ 10:
Which is the part of data link layer

MCQ 11:
The domain name separated by?

MCQ 12:
Which is not the search engine?

MCQ 13:
The collection of web pages is called?

MCQ 14:
What is URL?

MCQ 15:
Benefits of internet?

MCQ 16:
Internet is popularly called?

MCQ 17:
Each page on the web has a unique address called?

MCQ 18:
The process of receiving data from the internet is called?

MCQ 19:
You can communicate with one another using?

MCQ 20:
Who is the father of the internet?

MCQ 21:
Which of the following is the fastest way to send mail?

MCQ 22:
Which program is used by search engine to reach the websites?

MCQ 23:
The first page that appears in a browser window is called?

MCQ 24:
Which Network Architecture is developed by IBM

MCQ 25:
Which is the lowest layer of TCP/IP Model

MCQ 26:
Email is a ____________

MCQ 27:
How many ports a computer may have

MCQ 28:
In Computer which range is in registered ports

MCQ 29:
Which of the following acronyms would normally used to describe unsolicited junk e-mails?

MCQ 30:
USB stands for

MCQ 31:
What is the port number of http

MCQ 32:
In which layer of OSI model IP is available

MCQ 33:
Which protocol is used to report error message

MCQ 34:
In a TCP header source and destination header contains

MCQ 35:
Which statement is incorrect?

MCQ 36:
Which is not the application level protocol

MCQ 37:
What is the FTP?

MCQ 38:
What is the fullform of RDP?

MCQ 39:
Which is the following is a false statement ?

MCQ 40:
What is the full form of SMTP?

MCQ 41:
Full form of POP is _____________ .

MCQ 42:
Which is the component of IP?

MCQ 43:
Which IP address is reserved for loop back of localhost

MCQ 44:
Which class for IP is used in smaller organizations

MCQ 45:
The size of the IPV4 is

MCQ 46:
Who provide us internet

MCQ 47:
URL stands for

MCQ 48:
FTP runs on

MCQ 49:
https stands

MCQ 50:
What is the maximum speed of modem is

MCQ 51:
Which protocol is used for browsing website

MCQ 52:
Which is not the browser

MCQ 53:
Which is a search engine

MCQ 54:
Email stands for

MCQ 55:
Which is not the application of internet

MCQ 56:
HTML stands for

MCQ 57:
HTML is a subset of

MCQ 58:
All html tags are ecclosed in what

MCQ 59:
To create HTML page, you need

MCQ 60:
When is the content of table is shown

MCQ 61:
The main container for <tr>, <td> and >th> is

MCQ 62:
Which tag tells the browser where the page starts and stops ?

MCQ 63:
Which tag will you add to specify a font for your whole page

MCQ 64:
What is the html tag to make a text underline

MCQ 65:
In HTML, tags are included both on and off tag are called

MCQ 66:
Which program do you need to write in html

MCQ 67:
File jpg and gif are the two main types of what

MCQ 68:
What is the html tag to make a text bold

MCQ 69:
Which tag of HTML will add the rows in your table

MCQ 70:
Adding a border to your image in your webpage is helps to recognize it as what ?

MCQ 71:
Which one represents underline tag

MCQ 72:
What is the html tag to make a text italic

MCQ 73:
Which tag can set the background color for your page?

MCQ 74:
<p> represents

MCQ 75:
WYSIWYG stands for

MCQ 76:
<big> and <small> tags are special in what ways ?

MCQ 77:
The tag used for creating hypertext and hyperlinks is

MCQ 78:
Pick the odd out

MCQ 79:
<a> and </a> used for

MCQ 80:
Which tag is used to insert images into your web pages

MCQ 81:
Choose the correct HTML Tag to left align the content inside the table of your web page

MCQ 82:
To add a color backgrpund to a web page, use which one of the following options

MCQ 83:
Which one is the special tag in html

MCQ 84:
A first tag inside a <table> tag is

MCQ 85:
The tag which is used to establish the absolute base for relative URLs used in the documents hypertext links

MCQ 86:
All normal pages consists of

MCQ 87:
Text within <strong> _________________. </strong> tag is displayed as _________________.

MCQ 88:
The correct hyperlink tag is

MCQ 89:
The body tag is usually used for

MCQ 90:
Which one is not a heading tag

MCQ 91:
What is the correct html tag to creatng hyperlink

MCQ 92:
<u> tag is used for

MCQ 93:
Use of <br> tag in html is

MCQ 94:
The HTML document title is defined using

MCQ 95:
What is the use of Head part of a HTML document?

MCQ 96:
Which tag is not used in your <head> section of your html page

MCQ 97:
<td> _________________ </td> tag is used for _________________.

MCQ 98:
Which one is the largest heading tag

MCQ 99:
Which one is the smallest heading tag

MCQ 100:
How many different type of DOCTYPE are defined for HTML documents in HTML 4?

MCQ 101:
How to add alternative text for an Image?

MCQ 102:
Which of the following is true?

MCQ 103:
The <article> element defines a complete, self-contained block of related elements but <div> element defines?

MCQ 104:
How to start a list using the shape of square

MCQ 105:
<! is used for

MCQ 106:
If a tag has its corresponding closing tag, such tags are called,

MCQ 107:
A much better approach to establish the base URL is to use the _____________ element.

MCQ 108:
Which attribute is used to control the length of <hr> horizontal line?

MCQ 109:
<ol> tags create

MCQ 110:
The <base> tag is designed to appear only between

MCQ 111:
How can you make a list that list all the items with numbers

MCQ 112:
I increase the cellpadding of a website. What it means

MCQ 113:
To create a bulleted list, which html tad is used

MCQ 114:
Choose the correct html tag to make a text is to be bold

MCQ 115:
HTML tag is recognized by

MCQ 116:
How to start a list using the shape of circle

MCQ 117:
he tags used to tell the browser that how to display the text enclosed (e.g. <b>, <big>) are called as

MCQ 118:
The action attribute in HTML forms specifies that

MCQ 119:
The title element defines the title of the document at

MCQ 120:
The next version of XHTML 1.0 is

MCQ 121:
HTML is a

MCQ 122:
A simply defined functions which can be called against any mouse or keyboard is known as

MCQ 123:
In HTML tables the gap between the two cells of same tables are known as

MCQ 124:
Which tag is used for marked and highlighted text in web document?

MCQ 125:
Which attribute specifies a unique alphanumeric identifier to be associated with an element?

MCQ 126:
The _________________ attribute specifies an inline style associated with an element, which determines the rendering of the affected element.

MCQ 127:
Which one of the following can be used to define the spacing between the cells of a table?

MCQ 128:
Which inline function embeds an independent HTML document into the current document?

MCQ 129:
Server-Sent Events allows a web page to get updates from

MCQ 130:
Which one of the following tags is used to add caption to a table?

MCQ 131:
The <input type="datetime-local"> specifies date and time with

MCQ 132:
The CSS hover class is used for

MCQ 133:
For adding quotation marks in web page paragraph or in line which tag we can use?

MCQ 134:
HTML grouping tags are

MCQ 135:
What is the full form of CSS

MCQ 136:
SVG stands for?

MCQ 137:
HTML tags are?

MCQ 138:
In HTML, colors can be specified by-

MCQ 139:
What does R,G and B in RGB value of HTML color mean?

MCQ 140:
Each of RGB has its value from-

MCQ 141:
Choose the correct option.

MCQ 142:
In order to add space of 20px between cell content and its border of a table in html, which one of the following option is appropriate?

MCQ 143:
Which color do RGB(255,255,255) represent?

MCQ 144:
Which color do RGB(0,0,0) represent?

MCQ 145:
Which HTML element is used to define a multi-line input field?

MCQ 146:
In HTML tables the table header is defined by

MCQ 147:
How can we insert Javascript in HTML?

MCQ 148:
Which tag is used to define a block of text that have quotation marks?

MCQ 149:
The <applet> element in HTML5 is replaced with?

MCQ 150:
SGML stands for

MCQ 151:
You can view HTML pages in

MCQ 152:
You can edit HTML pages in

MCQ 153:
Which of the following is not webpage designing application

MCQ 154:
The application that listens for requests, fetches the requested pages and sends them to the client is

MCQ 155:
How can you make an e-mail link in html?

MCQ 156:
The _________________ attribute sets the text direction as related to the lang attribute.

MCQ 157:
Who is Known as the father of World Wide Web (WWW)?

MCQ 158:
Choose the correct option.

MCQ 159:
Which one of the following is a form element?

MCQ 160:
Choose the incorrect option.

MCQ 161:
Choose the incorrect option.

MCQ 162:
Choose the correct option.

MCQ 163:
JavaScript is designed for following purpose -

MCQ 164:
Javascript is _________________ language.

MCQ 165:
Select Appropriate Option(s) : JavaScript is can be written

MCQ 166:
What is the extension of javascript file

MCQ 167:
JavaScript is an _________________ language.

MCQ 168:
JavaScript Code is written inside file having extension __________.

MCQ 169:
Why JavaScript is called as Lightweight Programming Language ?

MCQ 170:
Local Browser used for validations on the Web Pages uses _________________.

MCQ 171:
We can embed JS code inside HTML directly ?

MCQ 172:
Select all the correct option(s). State the correct place of JS Code inside HTML -

MCQ 173:
Is this correct syntax to include JS Code inside HTML Page ?
<script type="text/javascript">
. . . .

MCQ 174:
It is good programming procedure to include JS in a external sheet and make it available than writing inside HTML.

MCQ 175:
JS code included inside head section is loaded before loading page.

MCQ 176:
The async attribute can be set in the following ways -

MCQ 177:
_________________ attribute is used to specify the character encoding used in an external script file.

MCQ 178:
Which of the following Attribute is used to include External JS code inside your HTML Document -

MCQ 179:
In order to Hide JS to be shown as its page content ,which Comment is Used ?

MCQ 180:
We use __________________ style comment to prevent showing Java Script as Content in the old browsers.

MCQ 181:
Which was the first browser to support JavaScript ?

MCQ 182:
Which of the following is not JavaScript Data Types?

MCQ 183:
Which company developed JavaScript?

MCQ 184:
Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?

MCQ 185:
Which of the following is correct about features of JavaScript?

MCQ 186:
Which of the following is the correct syntax to display "" in an alert box using JavaScript?

MCQ 187:
Choose the correct JavaScript syntax to change the content of the following HTML code.

MCQ 188:
What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called "abc.js"?

MCQ 189:
Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name?

MCQ 190:
Which of the following is not considered as an error in JavaScript?

MCQ 191:
The statement a===b refers to ____________________

MCQ 192:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code? int a==2; int b=4; int ans=a+b; print(ans);

MCQ 193:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code? int a=1; if(a!=null) return 1; else return 0;

MCQ 194:
Which of the following is not a reserved word in JavaScript?

MCQ 195:
What is the output of the follwing code .
<script type="text/javascript">
a = 8 + "8";

MCQ 196:
Which of the following function of String object returns the characters in a string beginning at the specified location through the specified number of characters?

MCQ 197:
Which of the following function of String object creates an HTML hypertext link that requests another URL?

MCQ 198:
Which of the following is true about variable naming conventions in JavaScript?

MCQ 199:
Which of the following are the errors in JavaScript?

MCQ 200:
What will be the output of the below code?
class Rect {
constructor(h, w) {
this.height = h;
this.width = w;
get foo() {
foo() {
return this.height * this.width;
const sq = new Rect(5, 20);

MCQ 201:
What does the <noscript> tag do?

MCQ 202:
JavaScript entities start with _________________ and end with _________________.

MCQ 203:
____________________ JavaScript statements embedded in an HTML page can respond to user events such as mouse-clicks, form input, and page navigation.

MCQ 204:
Which of the following can't be done with client-side JavaScript?

MCQ 205:
Which of the following is not a valid JavaScript variable name?

MCQ 206:
What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write "Welcome to the Universal Portal for Education KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSE ONLINE"?

MCQ 207:
Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?

MCQ 208:
Which is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?

MCQ 209:
Which of the following best describes JavaScript?

MCQ 210:
Choose the server-side JavaScript object?

MCQ 211:
Choose the client-side JavaScript object?

MCQ 212:
Scripting language are

MCQ 213:
To set up the window to capture all Click events, we use which of the following statement?

MCQ 214:
What is the output of the code given below
var a = '10';
var b = a = 20;

MCQ 215:
What are the two basic groups of dataypes in JavaScript?

MCQ 216:
Javascript string using double quotes is exactly the same as a string using single quotes?

MCQ 217:
What is the output of the following code?
<script type="text/javascript">

MCQ 218:
The _______ method of an Array object adds and/or removes elements from an array.

MCQ 219:
The syntax of close method for document object is ______________

MCQ 220:
A _____________ object is a reference to one of the classes in a Java package, such as netscape.javascript .

MCQ 221:
Which of the following event fires when the form element loses the focus: <button>, <input>, <label>, <select>, <textarea>?

MCQ 222:
Which best explains getSelection()?

MCQ 223:
Which of the following is the structure of an if statement?

MCQ 224:
Which of the following is a JavaScript data type?

MCQ 225:
What will be the output of the below code ?
var package;
console.log("Package: " + package)
console.log("Amount: " + amount);

MCQ 226:
What will be the output of the below code ?
console.log( typeof( '5' + 5))

MCQ 227:
What will be the output of the below code ?
var i=true;
var j=false;
var k=true;
if( i || J && K){
else {

MCQ 228:
What is divide by 0 in Javascript?
var a = 10;
var b = 0;

MCQ 229:
How to create a Date object in JavaScript?

MCQ 230:
Which of the following is a syntactically correct for loop?

MCQ 231:
What is the code required to delete all "weight" tags?

MCQ 232:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
<p id="demo"></p>
var a = 20;
var b = "30";
var c = a + b;
document.getElementById ("demo").innerHTML = c;

MCQ 233:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
<p id="demo"></p>
var a = "10"; var b = "10"; var c = a * b;
document.getElementById ("demo").innerHTML = c;
< /script>

MCQ 234:
JavaScript is interpreted by _________

MCQ 235:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
function myfun()
document.getElementById ("demo").innerHTML = Boolean(21 > 15);

MCQ 236:
Consider the below code:
Identify the correct code in order to fetch the value entered in username text field?
<form name="register">
Enter username <input value="Rajiv" id="name" name="username">

MCQ 237:
Using _______ statement is how you test for a specific true and false condition.

MCQ 238:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
var myvar = Boolean('false');
document.getElementById ("demo").innerHTML =myvar;

MCQ 239:
What are the three important manipulations done in a for loop on a loop variable?

MCQ 240:
The inner frame within a top-level window can be referred to as _________________

MCQ 241:
What is the output of the following code -
<script language="javascript">
function x()

MCQ 242:
JavaScript is designed for following purpose -

MCQ 243:
What will be the output of the following Javascript code?
var string1 = "Integer";
var valueinteger = 55;
alert( string1 + valueinteger );

MCQ 244:
Which one is a ternary operator in JavaScript?

MCQ 245:
In JavaScript, Window.prompt() method return true or false value ?

MCQ 246:
What should appear at the very end of your JavaScript? The <script language="javascript"> tag

MCQ 247:
What is the full form DOM?

MCQ 248:
How do we define the term Thread?

MCQ 249:
What will be the output of the below code?
let chaval= (p)=>p+2;

MCQ 250:
Which of the following is the descendant operator?

MCQ 251:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
function range(int l)
int p=2;
for(int x=0;x<l;x++)

MCQ 252:
What does the following JavaScript data.sort(function(a, b), b- a) do?

MCQ 253:
Which symbol is used for comments in Javascript?

MCQ 254:
What is mean by "this" keyword in javascript?

MCQ 255:
What is defination of an undefined value in JavaScript?

MCQ 256:
Variable declared is example of ________________ Variable.
function message() {
var varname = "Rajiv";

MCQ 257:
What will be the output of the following JavaScript code?
function cal() {

MCQ 258:
what will be the output of below code?
var todaysDate = new Date()
console.log( todaysDate.toLocaleString() );

MCQ 259:
What will be printed in the console on execution of the following JS code:
var array = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15];
var myArr= array.filter(v => v % 3 === 0);

MCQ 260:
In JavaScript, a _____________ is an object of the target language data type that encloses an object of the source language.

MCQ 261:
What are the types of Pop up boxes available in JavaScript?

MCQ 262:
What is the output of following Javascript?
var a = 'Rajiv';
var b = 'Sharma';
var c = a/b;

MCQ 263:
Javascript Addition : Addition is document.write("1 plus 1 is " + 1 + 1);

MCQ 264:
Which of the following method checks if its argument is not a number?

MCQ 265:
What if we put ++ operator inside if condition? find the output
var a = 10;
if(a == a++)

MCQ 266:
What if you use parseInt() to convert a string containing decimal value?

MCQ 267:
Which tag(s) can handle mouse events in Netscape?

MCQ 268:
What will be the output?
const pi=3.14;
var pi=4;

MCQ 269:
What is the default value of the asyc attribute?

MCQ 270:
What is the purpose of script loading?

MCQ 271:
what is the disadvantage of using innerHTML in JavaScript?

MCQ 272:
JavaScript can be written __________

MCQ 273:
When a class B can extend another class A, we say that:

MCQ 274:
Which operator is known as the equality operator, which checks whether its two operators are "equal"?

MCQ 275:
Which operator is known as the strict equality operator, which checks whether its two operators are identical or not?

MCQ 276:
Which operator will return false if two value are equal?

MCQ 277:
If the operator value is null, then the unary operator returns the type of _____________

MCQ 278:
If var A = {B : 3, C : 5}, how to use the delete operator to delete one of the properties of an object.

MCQ 279:
What will be the output if we compare "ten" and 10 with less then comparison operator( "ten" <10)?

MCQ 280:
If an operator is NaN or converts to NaN, what wil comparison operator always returns ?

MCQ 281:
State whether the following statements are True or False for strict equality operator(= = =).
A) If the two values have different types they are equal.
B) If both values are null or both values are undefined, they are equal.

MCQ 282:
Which of the following attribute can hold the JavaScript version?

MCQ 283:
Which is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?

MCQ 284:
Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript operator?

MCQ 285:
Visual Basic is a tool that allows you to develop application in _______________________.

MCQ 286:
__________________ is used for finding out about objects, properties and methods.

MCQ 287:
In Visual Basic, a variable name cannot be more than ___________________ characters.

MCQ 288:
The variables that does not change the value during execution of program is __________________.

MCQ 289:
The function procedures are __________________ by default.

MCQ 290:
In visual basic ______________ is the extension to represent project file.

MCQ 291:
The default property for a text box control is _________________ .

MCQ 292:
_________________ is a collection of files.

MCQ 293:
The method, which loads the form into memory and displays it on screen

MCQ 294:
______________ array size can be changed at run-time.

MCQ 295:
The window in which the individual documents are displayed is called ____________________window.

MCQ 296:
_______________ is the process of finding and removing errors.

MCQ 297:
_____________ loop repeats a group of statements for each item in a collection of objects or for each element of an array.

MCQ 298:
A ______________ variable is one that is declared inside a procedure.

MCQ 299:
MDI stands for ________________.

MCQ 300:
A _____________control in visual basic is used to create applications that present information in rows and columns.

MCQ 301:
________________ cannot be declared in a form or class module.

MCQ 302:
The default datatype for VB is _________________ .

MCQ 303:
The _______________ allows direct exit from a For loop, Do loop, Sub procedure, or Function procedure.

MCQ 304:
Frame Control acts as a _______________ .

MCQ 305:
Form_Mouse Down( ) procedure is executed when any mouse button is clicked in a free area of the ______________.

MCQ 306:
________________ method removes a dialog box from view.

MCQ 307:
The ________________ is a tool used for both the Input and output purpose.

MCQ 308:
In visual basic the declaration of variables is done by ________________ key word.

MCQ 309:
An object datatype can store ________________ bytes.

MCQ 310:
Visual Basic responds to events using which of the following?

MCQ 311:
When the user clicks a button, ____________________ is triggered.

MCQ 312:
An algorithm is defined as

MCQ 313:
The value returned by InputBox is a string.

MCQ 314:
What value will be assigned to the numeric variable x when the following statement is executed?
x = 2 + 3 * 4

MCQ 315:
What is the proper syntax when using a message dialog box?

MCQ 316:
Given that x = 7, y = 2, and z = 4, the following If block will display "TRUE".
If (x > y) Or (y > z)
txtBox.Text = "TRUE"
End If

MCQ 317:
Which of the following is a valid Visual Basic conditional statement?

MCQ 318:
The three main logical operators are ________, _________, and ________.

MCQ 319:
A _________________ performs invisible tasks even if you write no code

MCQ 320:
Which value for x would make the following condition true: x >= 5

MCQ 321:

MCQ 322:
Which Case clause will be true whenever the value of the selector in a Select Case block is greater than or equal to 7?

MCQ 323:
Visual Studio .NET provides which feature:

MCQ 324:
The _________________ enable us to pass data between a program and a class.

MCQ 325:
Which is true about the name and text property of a control?

MCQ 326:
The ______________ of a Sub procedure are vehicles for passing numbers and strings to the Sub procedure.

MCQ 327:
A counter variable is normally incremented or decremented by 1.

MCQ 328:
The CancelButton property belongs to which object?

MCQ 329:
Which is not a common control event?

MCQ 330:
The Tick event is found only in which object?