Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

5. Human Disease


In is a state of being well enough to function well physically mentally & socially.
Personal & Community issue both matter for health
Our social environment is an important factor in our individual health. Human begins live in societies in villages, towns or cities. In such places, even our physical environment is decided by our social environment.
Public health services : These services ensure (i) proper removal and disposal of garbage, (ii) proper drainage of sewage, (iii) clean drinking water and unadulterated food items, (iv) vector and pest control, (v) proper vaccination and other health care services etc. If public health services are inadequate, the helath of individual citizens is bound to be affected despite taking best personal hygiene and consuming the balanced diet.
Economic conditions: Food is earned by doing job. Proper earning is necessary to provide adequate and nutritious food to everyone in the family.
Social equality and harmony : Similarly, social equality and harmony are necessary for individual helath. It involves participation in one another’s joys and sorrow, helping others and receiving help at the time of need etc.
Personal hygiene : It involves individual’s cleanliness. It can be achieved by washing of soiled hand, regular cleaning of teeth, care of eyes, taking bath, wearing clean clothes, timely vaccination against dangered diseases etc.
Differences between ‘healthy’ and ‘disease free’ Healthy Disease-free1. It is a state of physical, mental and social well being. 1. It is a state of absence of any discomfort or derangement of the functioning of the body.2. It refers not only to the individual but also its social and community environment. 2. It refers to the individual.3. A ‘healthy’ individual is one who is able to perform normal under given situation. 3. A ‘disease-free’ individual may have good health or poor health.

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