Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Transportation

Function Of Transportation

Function Of Transportation
It is available at particular points, e.g. leaves in plants, alimentary canal in animals. Food has to be transported to every living cell of the body for extraction of energy and materials.
Metabolic Gases : Oxygen and carbon dioxide are two metabolic gases. Oxygen is required by every living cell for cellular respiration. It has to be transported from outside environment first to the respiratory surfaces and then to individual cells in animals or directly to cells in plants. Carbon dioxide is formed as a by-product. It is passed out for elimination.
Waste Products : Toxic waste products are produced during metabolism. They have to be excreted. For this they are first taken to kidneys for separation, translocated to urinary bladder for storage and from urinary bladder to the region of elimination.
Water : Plants absorb water from soil with the help of their roots. It is transported to all parts.
Hormones : They are formed in particular regions from where they are transported to the areas of their functioning.

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