Physics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

6. Source of Energy

Destructive Form of Nuclear Energy

(A) Nuclear Bomb : This produces tremendous amount of destructive energy. This energy is produced by uncontrolled nuclear fission chain reaction.
The atom bomb or nuclear bomb produces large amount of energy when two pieces of uranium (235U) or Plutonium (239Pu) are brought in contact so that the total mass become greater then critical mass.
During this process a very high temperature of the order of million degree kelvin is produced and also a very high pressure of the order of several million atmosphere is developed.
(B) Hydrogen Bomb : It produces extremely high destructive energy by using nuclear fusion. The fusion reaction is performed over heavy–hydrogen nuclei at very high temperature and pressure.
To get this high temperature and pressure, nuclear fission bomb is used at the centre core of a hydrogen bomb which is formed of heavy hydrogen like lithium hydride (LiH2).

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