Chapter : 2. Sectors of the Indian Economy

Importance of Primary Sector

Importance of Primary sector :
1. The secondary and tertiary sector have failed to create enough jobs.
2. Even though industrial output or the production of goods went up by eight times during the period, employment in the industry went up by only 2.5 times.
3. More than half of the workers in the country are still working in the primary sector mainly in agriculture, producing only a quarter of the GDP.
4. ‘Majority of people in India are engaged in Primary services :
India is a developing country. It has been declared by several economists of the world that in near future India will be super power. Still today most of the people in India are engaged in primary occupations because India provides all types of primary products to the world. Human occupation is influenced by geographical environment of a particular region. People living in different parts of the world choose from amongst their physical environment only that occupation which can easily support them and can meet all their material needs. India is engaged in their efforts to meet their basic needs and has no time to produce all the articles as surplus and has not made use of science and technology. The pace of development among developing countries is very slow, that is why a comparatively small number of people are engaged in tertiary occupations.

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