Chapter : 2. Food Security In India

Reason Out Why

(i) Why farm labourers remain unemployed during a part of the year ?
Because agriculture is a seasonal activity and during the four months of plant consolidation and maturing there is no work in the field.
(ii) Why it is said that high level of buffer stocks of food grains is very undersirable ?
Because it leads to wastage and deterioration of grain quality.
(iii) Why do some people criticise the system of Minimum support Price ?
The rising Maximum Support Prices year after year have led to the rise in prices of various commodities.
(iv) Why is agriculture a seasonal activity ?
(a) There is a work in the field during sowing, transplanting and harvesting alone.
(b) For about 4 months in a year during the period of plant consolidation and maturing, there is very little or no work in the fields.
As such agriculture is a seasonal activity.
(v) Why is the Buffer Stock created by the Government ?
1. The first reason for this is that to resolve the problem of shortage of food arising due to adverse weather conditions like drought or too much of rains.
2. This is done to face the shortage of food in any part of the country which is affected by any calamity such as tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclone, storms or famine etc.
3. This stock is also used to help the poor strata of the society at a price lower than the market price.
4. This stock helps a lot in distributing in different areas.

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