Chapter : 1. The Story Of Village Palampur

Reason Out Why

(i) Why is it important to increase the area under irrigation ?
It is very important to increase the area under irrigation because it is not good to depend upon monsoon rains which are erratic and undependable.
(ii) Why small farmers have little surplus produce with them ?
1. Because their total production is small.
2. They keep a substantial share of their production for their own family need from village.
(iii) Why is it generally said that we should be very careful using our natural resources ?
There is no denying the fact that we should be very careful in using our natural resources. There are many reasons for the same :
1. Scientists are continuously warning us that we had been overusing the modern farming methods for the last so many years. Too much use of these methods is going to bring catastrophe for us.
2. Some point out that the Green Revolution has led to the loss of soil fertility due increasing use of chemical fertilizers.
3. The continuous use of ground water for tube well irrigation has reduced the water table below the ground.
4. Minerals in the chemical fertilizers, when used for long, may escape from the soil and pollute the groundwater.
5. Chemical fertilizers have another disadvantage. They kill bacteria and other organisms which are quite necessary for the fertility of the soil.

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