Chapter : 5. Consumer Rights


For maintaining the minimum standard, government has created various institutions :
1. Through standardisation of product, the government tries to protect the consumers from lack of quality and varying standards of goods.
2. Government of India has established two agencies to check the quality and standard of the products.
(a) Bureau of Indian Standards : It has the responsibility of laying down the standards for industrial and consumer goods on a scientific basis and certifying the goods that meet the standard quality.
(b) Agmark : It is implemented under the Agricultural Produce Act, 1937, as amended in 1986. This scheme is run by DMI in the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Products such as honey, masala and spices carry such marks.
3. Confirmity of the specification is ensured by regular surveillance of the licensee’s performance by surprise inspections but testing of samples.
4. If any consumer is dissatisfied with the quality of a certified product, he/she can complain to the nearest office of the BIS.

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