Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Resource & Development

Resource Planning In India

Resource Planning In India
This involves 3 processes/stage :
1. Identification & Inventory of resources : This includes surveying, mapping, qualitative & quantitative estimation & measurement of resources.
2. Making a plan structure using appropriate technology skill and institutional setup so that all resources developmental plans can be implemented.
3. Matching the resources development plans with the National development plans.
Conservation of Resources : Conservation of Natural Resources means judicious and planned use of natural resources so that we can get the maximum possible benefit from these resources over the longest possible period of time.
Need :
1. Most of the resources are nonrenewable, one they get exhausted, can never be reused.
2. Economic development of a nation depends to a great extent on the richness, development and management of the resources.
3. In-appropriate & reckless utilization of resources can deplete them.
4. Overexploitation causes damage to the existing environment.


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