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2. Manufacturing Industries

Glossary (Manufacturing Industries)

1. Agro based Industries : The industry which converts the agricultural products into industrial products.
2. Basic Industry : It is a heavy industry which is fundamental to other industries. e.g. iron & steel.
3. Co-operative Industries : These industries are organised by a group of people who are also the producer of raw material and help in running industries by Co-operating each other.
4. Consumer Industries : These industry provides goods primarily for the consumption of people.
5. Cottage Industry : These industries are the ones which are pactised on a small scale in homes villages.
6. Heavy Industries : These industries use heavy raw material and manufacture of finished products. e.g. Iron steel industries.
7. Industry : Industry is the enhancement of the value of the raw material through the manufacturing process of factory.
8. Joint Sector Industries : These industries are owned by both the state and some private industrialists or firms.
9. Light Industries : These industries use light rewmaterial and make light finished product in weight. e.g. electronics and fans.
10. Large Scale Industry : The industries employing large number of persons in each unit and having large production level e.g. jute textile.
11. Mineral based Industries : The industry in which mineral procducts are processed and turned into finished goods.
12. Public Sector Industries : These industries are owned by the central or the state government. e.g., BHEL and NTPC.
13. Primary Industry : It is an industry producing raw material.
14. Private Sector Industries : These industries are owned and controlled by individuals, firm or component.
15. Secondary Industry : These industries manufacture goods by using processed material of primary industry.
16. Small Scale Industry : The industry employing small number of persons and invest capital of about 1 crore e.g. Ready made garments.


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