Some of the common questions in my mind that asked by faculty when preparing online video lectures.

  • How do I get started making online video lectures?
  • How we get the best strategy to engage all the students from a huge distance learning?
  • If students can understand the concepts of the lecture, how I know about that?
  • They are paying attention to my online lecture?

As both the online classroom/lectures and offline classroom layouts are more famous and increasing in today’s scenario. Today’s concern, creating video lectures by the number of faculty members of schools and colleges s growing. However, numerous live videos are recorded as straight lectures, limiting students only to the part of the viewer.

I will hint at some tips to create online video lectures. They also engage students in active learning while explaining the concepts of your course.

All video lectures make it short!

Firstly, break all the lessons into segments for nearly 10 minutes. Every part of the lesson will be covered. Quickly revisit what they may not have understood and give meaningful information. Give some pause in lectures if they need to return to the lesson later. It is the best way to re-record 10 minutes then 30 minutes in detail.

Tip for enhancement in lecture: If you have long video lectures, then review your whole lessons. Just pinpoint might be breaking in the material while recording video lectures !

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If possible use prerecorded videos

There are unlimited videos that exist online that help you to explain particular topics of your course. This makes a better learning experience for a variety of students. It can take less time to prepare a good start for the instructor.

Tip for enhancement in lecture: The First recall, if excellent videos are available in various educational sites (like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe … ). Use these resources before you start your recording to maintain attractiveness. Furthermore, you’re better to understand what currently exists and what you need to do yourself.

Best strategy to prepare online video lectures

Add or embedded question directly into Lectures

Numerous plans will be used to create questions that are directly embedded in video recording. In the series of learning, students must answer these questions before they continue watching the lecture. Meanwhile, ask a question by students are good for the instructor to help them engaged with the student. You also permit students to work with the study material during the lesson. Finally, create some tasks in between video lectures, give some worksheets. They need to solve the complete questions that they learn in online lectures.

Tip for enhancement in lectures: Ask them to submit their assignments with answers to the instructor. These assignments are bits of help for student’s betterment.

Test knowledge with Self-assessment Curriculums

Normally, online quizzes inspired the students to pay attention to video lectures like professionals learning. It also helps to enhance their knowledge. Self-assessments tests are better for students to investigative weak areas and get feedback. Instructor re-visit areas of the lesson based on questions they may have missed. Both methods give students quick feedback and solve their queries.

Tip for enactment in lecture: Asking students what they are having trouble within the lecture. What the student like to learn more about your topic. Ask to students to submit their responses quickly.

Use images and animations in your presentation

Students connect with the instructor when visuals, animations, and graphics are added while presentation & material is more accessible. Some of the Screencasting software which allows you to share screen while recording. So they can see every part of the lesson. It includes your presentation, graphs, facts, and figures, also your face at the same time on screen.

Tip for enactment in lecture: In your presentation cover long text and slides, then these are challenging to pay attention to the teacher teaching. Try to mix it up and try slides using a single image. This helps you for student listen more to what you are saying instead of just reading the words behind you.

Be Yourself!

One of the most significant kinds of stuff to do in a video act naturally while presenting a lecture. If you get some mistakes, quickly correct yourself. So this feature permits learners or students to connect with you one and only one as an instructor.

Tip for enhancement in lecture: It is good for you to record a sample video lecture first. Watch it thoroughly, if someone is missing add points on it. Find your target area where needs to be an improvement in lectures. You are free to experiment until you are comfortable.

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