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This Module covers Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current, Light Reflection & Refraction, Human Eye, Energy Sources, Motion, Force & Laws of Motion, Work and Energy Resources, Gravitation, Sound, & many more . . .


This Module covers Metals & Non-Metals, Introduction of Bonding, Chemical Reactions, Acid Bases & Salts, Carbon Compound, Periodic Classification, Matter, Molecules, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atoms, & many more . . .


This Module covers Nutrition, Respiration, Transportation, Excretion, Control & Coordination, Reproduction, Environment, Heredity & Evolution, Cell, Tissue, Food Resources, Human Disease, Natural Resources  & many more .


This Module covers Real Numbers, Linear Equation, Trigonometry, Similar Triangles, Statistics, Polynomials, Quadrilaterals, Herons Formula, Lines & Angles, Probability, Circle, Construction, Area & Volumes and many more …


This Module covers Minerals & Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, National Economy, Agriculture, Features of India, Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation & Wild Life, Population, & many more . . .


This Module covers Constitutional Design, What is & Why Democracy, Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights, Power Sharing, Federalism, Democracy & Diversity, Gender, Religion and Caste, Political Parties, & many more . . .



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    The best practice test designed here was very helpful during the exam preparation. Good quality of questions and answers, set of practice series were done by the teachers is outstanding. The answers to these questions are also giving a detailed solution to the important topics for exam preparation.

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    The concept of learning by doing is very Good. Learning experience provided from your site is really very effective in understanding the core curriculum. The courses are designed on the basis of our curriculum.

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    It gives me immense pleasure to state that my children are learning form knowledge Universe Online. I feel proud to be a part of this website of best teaching technique and achieving wide exposure in my class. The online courses engage all the students to learn and study any time anywhere throughout the whole world.

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    I am Luis Heirkens. This website is awesome and clears all our doubts. I love his strategic approach to a concepts. I look forward to his sessions now.

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    This is an excellent website for the students who are studying in class 9 and above students. I am regularly studying here and elaborate the concepts of my course. Thanks to Knowledge Universe Online who have helped her so fast and look forward to upgrading till 12th Grade and a valuable support in Examination.

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