Accounting and reporting is an industry that will continue to play a central role in the business landscape. The roles will certainly evolve due to technological progress that is continually re-shaping every industry, but the profile nonetheless will be of value. Even currently every company has an accountant on staff or is dealing with accounting firms to sort out their financial affairs. Hence, a career in this field will come with a stable job and a tremendous amount of growth opportunities provided you have the necessary skills that an employer seeks. You can choose to start your career in accounting with a good degree that will impart you all the necessary theoretical and practical learning.

Here is why this is a good time to consider choosing a career in accounting and reporting as a profession:
Be in-demand – Even in dire economic circumstances, the role of an accountant stays relevant. The reason for this is that every business is in the public or private sector is always in need of an accountant and bookkeepers. Without them, they would not be able to carry out functions like managing budgets, taxes, financial reporting, audits, and more.

Be your own boss – Accountants are scattered throughout the industry and can be found working in various departments. Some are employed by the federal government while others work for commercial businesses. There are also those that prefer to work for a charitable institution. You have the choice to select your area of work according to preference and if you are keen, then you can also work part-time for various clients. This sort of freedom is seldom granted with any other industry.

career in accounting

Be of importance – The role of an accountant matters a lot and considering the enormity of their responsibilities, they are pretty much irreplaceable. Many of the important decision that a business makes is directly linked with advice and suggestions provided by accountants. They have a lot of say and play a crucial part in the company’s day-to-day operations.

Be an expert – Having expert skills puts one in a comfortable position as their knowledge will always be of value to any employer. Accountants are apt in financial recording, planning, reporting, and analyzing which makes them capable of enjoying a job role in any circumstance or situation. Other valuable skills that they possess as part of their job such as critical or analytical thinking also helps them to stay ahead in every competition.

Be a learner – The profession of accounting also offers plenty of scopes to learn and hone your skills. There are continuous advancements being made in this field and new technology is making its way into everyday accounting tasks. This means that you will constantly evolve with the profession itself.

The profession of accounting also promises stability and good remuneration which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to go into an interesting and successful career field.

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