Strategies of Inculcation of Values in schools and Educational Institutions

The Five strategies of Inculcation of Values in schools and Educational Institutions for all-around individual and social development.

Children do not have any social behavior at the time of birth after some months and years, they establish a relationship with other members of the family. As they grow they interact with family members, peers, and others. This interaction helps them develops social abilities like sharing, playing, showing sympathy, friendship, co-operation etc are related to the Inculcation of Values.

Inculcation of Values in teaching means inculcating in the student a sense of individualism, a deep distress for the well being of others, and the nation. This can be accomplished only when we install in the children a deep feeling of the promise of value that would construct this country. Through the Inculcation of Values in education, the education system likes to develop the social, moral aesthetic and the spiritual sides of the children. Preschool years are more important for value inculcation i.e. Inculcation of Values in young children. At this stage, basic social attitude are established in young children.

Pleasant experiences develop good social behavior like curiosity, sympathy, cooperation, sharing etc . unpleasant experience develop anti-social behavior like aggression prejudice etc

The social values have been diminishing over the past few decades. Therefore it Is necessary to develop the holistic citizenship through education with Inculcation of Values.

top 10 Inculcation of Values for students during studying

Education should lay the foundation of goodness from the early years of the child’s life. The child should learn good manners. the values should be developed from the beginning of the childhood.

Strategies of Inculcation of Values in the children :

  • It is now really a task to make a child good; when society has degenerated into a rapid erosion of values. Here the comes important role of school education, so as to save the child from the moral depravity of parents and maladies of various kinds.
  • Morality cannot be taught to pre-school children. it can be caught, example are to be set because the examples are better than percept. the parents are the first models, the first teachers. They should set good behavior. this home is the greatest learning for a child. The great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and Shivaji have admitted that their education from their mother.
    The teacher’s role is also equally important. the child follows the teacher’s behavior and morality. the child gives more importance to his teacher than his parents.
  • Children imitate everything that they see, hence what is desirable to be imitated by children for example by showing respect to others, treating guests. Children will learn this and behave in the same manner.
  • The primary education is the foundation stage of the development of children. At this stage, emphasis should be given to value i.e. Inculcation of Values in education.

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