Term Geography is very easy to understand and this only helps us to know about our world which is usually called “earth”, geography is the study of earth and its features, inhabitants etc. Geography is a focus of the course for thoughtful and determination matter about the environment and its development. It is also an important relationship between the natural and social sciences.

Geography is the scientific process of a science and understand about the Graphical Phase of the Earth and its Environment

Geography is a very beautiful subject if we understand very nicely get a deep knowledge about the earth. sometimes we don’t what are the elements of our earth so we can easily know about things we don’t know about our ‘mother earth’ so geography is all about that. When we really understand the things of the featured earth so life will be more comfortable to live. Like another subject, geography is also a mixture of environment and its social living. this earth has the great history to give you the information about everything.

Now why we have to study science, is it important or not or something else will be your question? so let me answer you there are so many main reasons to study geography.

geography of the world

  • First, we have understood the basic physical elements of nature which affect your daily routine.
  • Second, to understand the physical locations and their characteristics which is included in our earth evolution.
  • Third, to learn about the geographical past time that what makes the evolution of the environment, places and their idea which is very famous for our life.
  • Forth, to know about the human arrangement which makes changes in the surface of the earth and evolves it fully.
  • Fifth, To know about the spatial demonstration at all scales – local and at world level, to understand the connection between people and places.
  • Sixth, to understand the society and their connectivity about the places where they live and how they live about their social and economic condition.
  • Seventh, to thank this earth to manage the humankind and resources which it should be used and how they are arranged to use by the human
  • At last, to understand and manage this global environment with the worldwide support.

Hence, every student should know that what is geography and this is very interesting to study if you really read once on the concentration you will feel our earth is a magical place where we live and survive our best.

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