What is Artificial Intelligence and How It is Used

What is Artificial Intelligence and How It is Used?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept and development of computer programs that can perform tasks that often require human ingenuity. Artificial intelligence basically includes web search engines, for example, Google as you know Google is the largest search engine website, YouTube basically while watching videos on YouTube you have been finding recommendations for other videos.  Another example is Alexa as Alexa works on understanding the human voice. You also find recommendations on several shopping websites like Amazon, and Flipkart so basically all of this works on AI Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is is the ability of a computer, Robot, Applications, or several websites to do a task that is controlled by a computer which is done by humans or to perform the task these all need human intelligence or Artificial intelligence is a collection of stars of many different technologies that work together to enable machines to hear, understand, perform, and learn at levels of human-like intelligence. Perhaps that is why everyone seems to have a different definition of artificial intelligence: AI is not just one thing it includes Machine Learning and technology like Natural language processing.

In the simplest terms, Artificial Intelligence means developing the ability to think and make decisions in a machine. Artificial intelligence is believed to be the most advanced form of computer science. Today in the consumer and business spaces there are many uses of artificial intelligence. We will discuss it in a detailed way. An Artificial Intelligence Certification can lead you to a rewarding career in this domain.

How does AI work?

As hype accelerated around Artificial Intelligence vendors, they have been trying to promote their products and services using Artificial Intelligence. Normally they refer to Artificial Intelligence as simply one of the components of AI, such as Machine learning. AI requires a foundation of specialized hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithms, which an artificial intelligence course can help you to understand. Many programming languages like Java, Python, etc., are compatible with AI. 

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Whether we accept it or not, we are surrounded by AI, which plays an important role in our lives. Every time we open our Facebook newsfeed or do a Google search, getting from Flipkart or Amazon, etc., product recommendations or trip advice on tours, AI lurks at the backspace.

  • Filtering spam email
  • Monitoring tools for dangerous content or false news
  • Song or TV show recommendations from Spotify and Netflix
What is Artificial Intelligence and How It is Used

What is Artificial Intelligence and How It is Used

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used in every area in today’s world as it helps in solving the most difficult issues in various industries with ease, such as Health, Commerce, Education, Transportation, Entertainment, and Utilities. The use of Artificial Intelligence can be divided into five categories:

  • Reasoning: Ability to solve problems related to financial management, Legal issues, financial application processing, Autonomous weapons systems, Sports.
  • Knowledge: Ability to provide knowledge about the world such as Share market trading, Acquisition prediction, prevention of fraud, manufacturing drugs, medical diagnostics,
  • Planning: Ability to predict Inventory, Demand, maintenance, Navigation, Scheduling, and supply chain.
  • Communication: Ability to understand spoken and written language like real-time translation, real-time transcription, voice control.
  • Perception: The ability to infer things about the world through sounds, images such as medical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles.

Artificial intelligence against Covid-19

In the case of Covid-19, AI has been used in thermal imaging in airports and elsewhere. In medicine, it can help recognize infection from computerized tomography lung scans. It has also been used to provide data to track the spread of the disease.


  • AI and ML technology are instrumental in healthcare because it generates huge data enabling algorithms to be trained faster than human brains.
  • Medicine developed an algorithm that detects Eight variables in patients with diabetes to determine whether they need to be admitted into the hospital or not.
  • An app named Billiscreen uses smartphone cameras, computer vision algorithms to detect increased levels of Billiscreen in the Sclera (white part) of a person’s eye, which is used to treat people with Pancreatic cancer. This cancer has no visible symptoms, so it is one of the worst symptoms of all cancers.
  • Biopharma Company, NuMedii, developed a platform called Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery (AIDD) which uses big data and AI to trace the link between diseases and drugs at the system level.
  • GNS Healthc uses ML algorithms to match patients with the most effective treatment for them.


AI plays a prominent role in games like chess, poker, etc., where the machine can think of many possible positions.

Natural Language Processing

It is now very much possible to interact with computers that understand the natural language spoken by humans because of AI.

Expert Systems

Some applications integrate machines, software, and specialized information to provide reasoning and advice. They provide explanations and advice to the users.

Vision Systems

These systems sense and interpret the visual input on the computer. For example,

  • An airplane takes pictures which are to be used to locate spatial information or maps of areas. 
  • Doctors use a clinical expert system to diagnose a patient.
  • The police use computer software that can have an idea of the face of a criminal and the picture created by a forensic artist.

Speech Recognition

Some Artificial intelligent systems can understand any language in terms of sentences and their meanings while a human is talking with it. It can detect different accents, abusive words, back-end noise, changes in human voice due to cold, etc.

Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting recognition software reads text written on paper by a pen or on a screen with a stylus. It can recognize the letters and turn them into editable text.

Machine translations

Language translation software based on written or spoken text relies on artificial intelligence to provide translation and subtitling.

Public administration and services

Using a wide range of data AI could provide early warnings of natural disasters and allow for efficient preparation and mitigation of consequences.

Intelligent Robots

Robots can perform tasks given by humans. They have sensors to detect light, heat, temperature, motion, sound, percussion, and pressure physically from the real world. They have processors, numerous sensors, and enough memory to demonstrate intelligence. Even they learn from their mistakes and can adapt to any environment.

Self-Driving Cars

If someone had said a few years ago that cars would be running on the road without a driver, no one would believe it. But now, this has become possible only because of artificial intelligence technologies and automatic learning. Tesla was one of the first automotive brands to launch a self-driving vehicle. Different car makers like Audi, Cadillac, and Volvo are already in the race to develop their own.

Life on other planets

NASA, for a long time, has already been using AI to look for life on different planets, which might be crucial for a mission where the Red Planet will be explored. The instruments they send, those known as rovers, will explore the terrain of Mars with help from AI in greater detail and reveal the unknown planet’s elements to get the idea of possible life.

Data security

Cyber-attacks are increasing as we are diving more into the digital world. Automatic exploit generation (AEG) is a bot that determines if a bug that may cause security problems is exploitable or not. If the vulnerability is found, the bot automatically secures it. AEG Systems helps to develop generation algorithms that can predict the likelihood of a cyber-attack.

Fighting disinformation

Few AI applications can easily detect fake news and disinformation by mining social media information looking for sensational or alarming words, and identifying which online sources are deemed authoritative.

Fighting disinformation

Few AI applications can easily detect fake news and disinformation by mining social media information looking for sensational or alarming words, and identifying which online sources are deemed authoritative.

Machine learning: This is the science of getting a computer to act without embedded programming. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that can be thought of as automating predictive analytics in straightforward terms. There are three types of machine learning algorithms:

  • Supervised learning: Data sets are labeled so that patterns will be detected and used to label new sets of Data.
  • Unsupervised learning: Data sets are not labeled and sorted according to similarities or differences.
  • Reinforcement learning: Data sets are not labeled, but the AI system is given feedback after several actions.


Artificial Intelligence increases the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts. In financial institutions, AI techniques can be used to identify which transactions are likely to be fraudulent, adopt fast and accurate credit scoring, and automate manually intense data management tasks.

Analyzes deeper data 

Using neural networks, AI goes into the depth of Data. Creating fraud detection technology with five hidden layers was almost impossible a few years ago. All that has changed with the use of AI.


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