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What Do Accounting Staffing Agencies Look For?

Are you interested in working in accounting in various capacities? You don’t have to contact the firms themselves. Instead, you can contact accounting staffing agencies to see if you can be sent to one. These firms use the agencies to save time and money on having to put out job ads and then interviewing candidates.

But what kind of things does a accounting staffing agency look for when they screen these candidates? Read on to learn more. You might find something that gives you an edge.

They Make Sure That The Candidate Is Suited For The Job

The most obvious skill that these agencies are looking for is that the person they are interviewing is good with numbers. That is imperative when it comes to sending them to an accounting firm. Otherwise, it would be a very poor decision on the agency’s part.

There are other things that these businesses will require, including knowledge in the specific functions that they will be doing. This can include taking part in mergers and acquisitions to being aware of the evolution of reimbursement models. The business usually will not have the time to devote to training someone – they want people who can hit the ground running.

They Make Sure That The Candidate Has The Right Intangibles

While it is great the people that the accounting staffing firm interview have great accounting skills, they also need other abilities to ensure that they will seamlessly integrate with the company. This is the part that is not as easy to figure out, but some aspects may show themselves in the interview itself. References can help.

Those intangibles include communicating with others. They have a knack for being able to pick up things quickly and spotting trends that could help the firm. It helps to have a keen eye and an open mind.

They Make Sure That The Candidate Can Adapt

The accounting field is far from a stagnant one. Technology keeps changing over the years and these candidates need to show that they can quickly learn a new way to do accounting. Otherwise they risk getting left behind.

That means that the accounting staffing agencies look for these types of people. They want to send candidates who can work at these places for a long time. A revolving-door situation is not good for anyone involved.

These are just some of the things that the staffing agencies are on the lookout for. It will greatly help you if you fit these criteria.


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