The politics is the art and science of government; most students have an interest in government this all come through the politics. every politician has its democracy and government who win the parties and judge the whole country within its power.

This subject gives the knowledge about every parties and rule about our government, and what our country people say about our city, every city and every district have its ruler and that is made by people ( Common People ) and all about the country.

Every party needs support this is on people, so how they convince the people and all this, we will study these politics. Sometimes the parties do some action for making people convinced and all happens in the democratic politics.

Democratic also have its name “CIVICS” this shows the features of democracy, rules, and rights on the government.
Sometimes we just try to think how this party wins? This happens when this party gets votes from the poor people for giving the help of money and home and some facilities etc and all this comes in civics.

student vote democracy politics in the world
Some of the main and important topics come in the civics: they are –

  • About the election,
  • About people rights,
  • About the caste reservations,
  • About the party efforts,
  • About every citizen efforts,
  • About the cooperation and compromises of citizens…
  • At last, every democratic country needs the best ruler so we will study all this in democratic and also know as ‘ civics’.

From studying civics you will learn all about the government and how this government works and how they manage whole countries by their jobs, Civics philosophy also teaches learner that when they become adults they can rightfully place keep to the government as the legal populace. Students who receive an all-inclusive civics education in school study that voting is a significant duty of every citizen. And all.

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