Finally, the Board of examinations are over and the results are out.

It’s time to choose a stream after career options in biology and I think students can peruse Biology field for their brighter future.

Now you stand in the Robert Frost’s ‘crossroads ‘. What will you do next? Will you take the road less traveled or go for the one trodden by many? For the first time in our life, you will face a question that might haunt you all your lives. What are you going to do after this?

Best career options in biology after class 12

You will get the Best of the best top 10 list of career options for biology students & job Career after 12th.

  1. For these who has a keen interest in medical can opt for courses, MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Biology students will surely agree with this to be the best of best career option in biology. Other Options are available in the medical filed are BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery).
  2. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) : Physician, Optometrists, Dental Surgeon, Pharma tics, Nursing & lots of other career options in biology after class 12 examinations.
  3. Agriculture : Students can also opt for agriculture which is known to be the ministry of Indian Economy Agriculture which includes Dairing, Poultry Farming and Horticulture apart from production of Fruits, Vegetables, & Food Grains. In this field , there are many options available like research and teaching.
  4. Forensic Science Experts : This field of Forensic Science involves investigating the crime with the help of applying scientific principles & laws. Students who are interested in forensic science as a career can choose this category.
  5. Bio-Technology : This field is basically a combination of biology with the modern technology. It produces good results in altering the cells to manipulate or control them as required in research. It also helps scientists to develop and manage different types of diseases which are very helpful to all the human beings who live on the earth and other living forms.
  6. Geology : Geology is the study of earth and everything is related to its structure, processes including the study of organism inhabited on earth. In today’s scenario, Branch Geology is the vast field in the research. The study of this field given you an opportunity to work with your environment, research in past theories, understand the rocks formations, fossils and many more including environmental circumstances. You can also set your future in consulting companies, natural resources consultant & companies, nonprofit organizations, Universities, government agencies & Geological Surveys of India.
  7. Zoology : It studies on the living & extinct animals with its evolution, function, structure, behavior, and interaction and communication with the environment of the earth. After studying Zoology, You are becoming a zoologist, lecturer, or an ornithologist & even wildlife expert with a bright future.
  8. Food Technology : Food Technology demand is growing day by day as a rise in demand for packaged food and its long presentation due to many modern changes in food habits. A degree in this field can get one the job of food Quality Contractor, Research Officer, Packaging Manager and lots of other jobs.
  9. Micro Microbiology : This field is the study of living organisms which may be a cell cluster, single cell or may be no cell at all, these are invisible to the necked eyes such as fungi, bacteria, and virus. There are ample of career opportunities and jobs for Microbiologists in pharmaceutical, food. Research development laboratories in hospital. Beverage and Chemical Industries, Research Organizations, Agriculture and Healthcare research.

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