Health And Nutrition Over Studies

As we know, today’s generation has no immunity and health for their daily work. Sometimes the parents may not think about the children or sometimes the main problem is children never think about their health and some important things we will discuss in this blog. According to a well-known definition of the WHO, it is a ‘complete state of mental, physical,  and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

The expression “fitness” refers to a complete emotional and physical and well defined. Mental and physical fitness are the two most universal types of health.

First, the most important thing what children eat on their daily meal. If we ask any child’s parents then they will the snacks names and etc things which is harmful to their mental and physical body. How much they eat in a day that is very much high and dangerous.
Basically, the meal is too low and the load of the child is too much for their health.

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Now, this health and studies, how they are connected with each other. So let me explain how they are related to each other.
Health is the major problem if a child is not as healthy.  As its age so this can be pressured into the studies as well.

  • Mostly Studies can be done by the child who is happy and not takes load too much. Because the cases of studies the child may get depressed and take a very much tension, so they can’t concentrate on their further studies and whole health and nutrition.
  • Health may be the big drawback for the children studies and career.
  • Sometimes the best solution is for parents is to force them to eat nutritional food. So the student mind should run for their studies. And if they will stop the snacks which make the dangerous for the health so parents should “no to their children
  • That’s all about the relation between the health over the studies.
  • The fact about this is: the more you eat fresh food and then more your mind will be sharp.

Factors for Healthy Family

  • Where a person lives and what is the environment nearby us.
  • genetics structures
  • Gross Income with satisfaction
  • education standards
  • Lastly, a relationship with your family and friends.

A low social and economic status are less involvement in healthcare. In developed countries, people are totally aware with healthcare services and know its betterment in future. In the comparison with developing or undeveloped countries, universal healthcare is not good.

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