A Bachelor of Design or B.Des is a degree to opt for if a student wants to make a mark in the world of Fashion Designing.

Studying fashion and fashion technology as a career is a preferred choice for many and the degree is the license of getting recognition in this world. A fashion designing or fashion design degree is awarded at the end of the course which will equip the student to understand and appreciate the nuances of fashion, hone his or her skill as a designer, learn the ropes of marketing, brand management and go on to establish fashion brands of their own sometime in the future if they choose to.

Top Fashion Designing colleges in India

One of the leading B Des colleges in India, the Gurukul School of Design, is one of the most esteemed Fashion Designing colleges in India and gets applications from students who have completed their Class 12 board exams. Bachelor’s Degree of Fashion DesignThe course is divided across four years which will cover the areas of Fashion, Management, and Marketing and the degree will be awarded by the Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center, which is affiliated to the UGC degree program.

The degree would be accepted nationally and internationally and in addition, all the students will also receive a Certificate in Fashion Design, Marketing, and Management. The students will leave the Gurukul School of Design fully equipped for the future and will be in a position to take on new challenges as well as go for higher studies in fashion if they want to.

Today fashion degree courses are offering a lot of new insight into a global fashion and they are laying stress on the use of digital technology to make clothes that are practical, wearable and yet high on fashion at the same time. The red carpets around the world are abuzz with the name of designers and fashion houses and it is a privilege to be working in the same industry as well, preferably under some of them. Having a degree for a full-time course from a reputed institute like GSD is a passport for gaining entry into this world of beauty and glamour for sure. On the other hand, it is not just about glitz that people are drawn to this world- this fashion industry has seen some very noble causes promoted through it and young designers are today eager to create an impact and send a strong social message about various issues, and are also promoting sustainability through their creations.

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