Improve Writing Skills: Top 3 AI Grammar Checker and Punctuation Checker

One of the most important things that writers need to focus on is correct grammar checkers. When people read articles and blog posts that have poor grammar, they tend to not engage with them.

For people in academia, such as students, professors, and researchers, incorrect grammar can have terrible results. Students can get marks off from their assignments while researchers can have their papers/theses rejected.

So, it is essential for writers to maintain grammatical impeccability throughout their writing. However, the rules of the language can be complex and not everyone has the same level of command over them.

For such people, there is no need to worry. They can simply utilize online grammar checkers to make sure that their writing is up to the mark. And today we are going to check out three online grammar checkers that are available for free.

3 Best Grammar Checkers for Enhancing Writing Skills

These grammar checkers were chosen based on their accuracy and capability to teach and improve their user’s grammar skills.

Grammar Checker by Prepostseo

The grammar checking tool by Prepostseo is very good for improving your writing. Not only is it easy to use, but it also provides a great user experience.

Grammar Checker by Prepostseo

Grammar Checker by Prepostseo

This free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector comes with plenty of features, but first, we will look at its grammar-checking process.

For this, the user needs to input their content into the tool and then click the “Check Grammar” button. After that, the text will be highlighted in either yellow or pink.

Yellow highlights signify that there is a punctuation mistake while pink shows that there is a spelling mistake.

In order to correct the errors, you just have to click on them. When clicked, a drop-down menu will open which will explain what the mistake is. The correct suggestion will also be provided in this menu. To apply it, you can simply click on it again.

There is also a “Resolve All” button which automatically applies all corrections, but it is not very helpful for learning. Instead, the method of going through each mistake one by one is better for this purpose.


  • Can check grammar in multiple languages
  • Users can upload their files from their devices
  • Character count is shown
  • Integration with other content optimization tools on the platform
  • Shortcut for clearing all text available

These are some features that improve the user experience of this grammar checker.

Grammar Checker by

This is a grammar-checking tool that is effective at correction but not so effective at improving the user’s grammar skills. It has a free version with some usage limitations that you can get rid of by purchasing the paid plan.

However, the free version is great at rooting out the most common mistakes such as spelling errors and missing punctuation. The user only needs to write or copy-paste their text into the text box and the tool will start showing all the mistakes in real-time.

Grammar Checker by

Grammar Checker by

The mistakes are underlined in red, and the premium-only corrections are underlined in yellow. When you click on each error, a menu will pop up showing the correct suggestion. You can click on the suggestion to apply it. There is also an ignore button that lets you dismiss the error.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any options for downloading the text, so users are limited to copying it once the errors have been removed.


  • Shows error count and word count
  • Excellent text editor
  • Works in real-time
  • Has no ads

Although the active learning aspect is not very good with this tool, it can still be helpful for users to passively improve their grammar.

The pricing for the premium version starts at 25 USD per month.

Grammar Checker by

The Virtual Writing Tutor tool is exactly what its name suggests. It provides multiple tools for assistance in writing. One of them is the grammar checker.

This grammar-checking tool is very good for learning the rules of grammar and improving your own writing skills. That’s because this tool not only shows you what mistakes are present but also provides details about them such as why they’re wrong and how you can fix them.

You have to input your text by either writing it manually or pasting it into the text box, then you have to click on the “Check Grammar” button in the top bar. This prompts the tool to process your text and after a few seconds the results show up below the input box.

The results are very detailed. They provide you with four bits of information:

  • What you wrote
  • Feedback
  • Possible error type
  • Suggestion

Checker by

From the screenshot, we can see that the second error is a punctuation error. In the feedback section, the explanation for why there needs to be a comma there is also provided.

The user needs to apply this feedback to their text themselves as there is no automation involved. However, by doing everything themselves, the user can understand their mistakes and how to avoid them in the future.

Thus, with regard to learning and improving your grammar, this tool is one of the best available.


  • Has text-to-speech option for “reading” the text
  • Allows users to download their text as an mp3 file
  • Allows users to download their content as a DOC file
  • No ads
  • Completely free

These accessibility features along with its grammar-checking capability make this tool very good for learners.


Grammar is one of the most important aspects of writing. Without good grammar, the integrity of a write-up is drastically reduced. People are also unwilling to read things that have grammatical errors in them.

Spelling mistakes and missing punctuation not only make the text confusing to read, but they also convey to the reader that the writer is careless with their work.

This does not reflect well on the writer, and on the entities that published their work. Thus, proofreading and checking for grammar mistakes is very important.

Grammar checkers not only help people detect and correct spelling and punctuation mistakes, but they also teach them the reasons and logic behind the errors that they point out. This way, people who use grammar checkers can improve their writing skills either by active learning or passive learning.


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