Mobile Learning Can Be termed as the Future of Education

After the first phase of the pandemic, the graph of digitalization in India has taken a pace. The importance of digitalization has been seen rising in the education sector. Schools, colleges, universities, coaching centres, and all other kinds of educational institutions started operating online. All the mobile learning classes in schools from kindergarten to grade 12 have been shifted to online conference portals like Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Jio Meet, and customized portals. Students just have to sign in to their account on the online portal from anywhere on the earth and attend their respective classes.

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning can be referred to as the methodology of attending academic courses from online portals of educational institutions using a smartphone. As mentioned earlier, all the schools, colleges, and universities have changed their mode of teaching from offline to online. Therefore, every student of the nation is currently learning either from their mobiles/tablets or from their laptops. Also known as M-learning, it is very beneficial for students attending exclusive courses far from the institution’s location. Educators can teach students from any continent, country, state, city, or village. An online school will always promote mobile learning in their curriculum.

Scope of Mobile Learning

According to an analysis, it has been concluded that most of the population of our nation prefers to use a smartphone instead of other digital devices like tablets, iPads, and laptops because of the portability. As known, there is no device as portable as a smartphone. Smartphones usually range from 4.5X2 inches to 7X3 inches which makes them easy to carry, conveyable, and convenient. Considering the above facts, mobile is the most preferred medium for electronic education because of its accessibility, availability, and affordability across the nation. Therefore, the scope of M-learning is considered wide because it is the most popular, approachable, and easy to operate methodology of education.

Merits of Mobile Learning

As discussed above, this source of learning is more beneficial for students as it is accessible, affordable, compatible, and portable. There are uncountable merits of mobile learning that are mentioned as follows

  • Learning on the go: This merit is directly pointing towards the portability aspect of m-learning. Students can attend hassle-free educational sessions on their mobile phones while traveling anywhere on the globe. A smartphone supported with good internet connectivity is what all a student needs.
  • Diversity in content: One can get access to almost any kind of educational content at any point in time from any location. There are uncountable online websites, mobile applications, and web pages that give free/paid access to online courses
  • Increase in digital literacy: Accessing online educational content increases the level of digital literacy of an individual. Every time one surfs on the internet, she/he receives a new set of information about the digital world.
  • Audio & Video: Visuals always play a better and effective role than textbooks. Audio & Video content through mobile learning supports the methodology of effective learning and turns out to be more interesting than learning from textbooks.

Here is why you can call it the Future of Education

Mobile learning can surely be termed as the future of education due to its capability to transform the whole system. Apart from its merits, several additional advantages will help the learners in the long run.

  1. Personalization of Education: A learner can simply personalize his/her academic preferences, content, and readability. In easier words, individuals have the opportunity to choose what they want to learn.
  1. Dynamic Approach: Also, mobile learning supports dynamic teaching methods i.e., it can help a student to learn with any digital approach that is preferred by him/her. Also, there are several ways of learning diversified content.
  1. Productivity: This method of learning undoubtedly increases the productivity of the learner if the assets are utilized in the right way. It has a great role in increasing the intelligence quotient of an individual.
  1. Digital Priority: Regular use of mobiles for educational purposes makes an individual prioritize digital media over print media. This gives enhancement and a pace to the revolution called digitalization.
  1. Technological Tools: One will get introduced to uncountable technological tools to solve day-to-day problems that are related to education and academics. These tools are very beneficial for personal and professional growth.

Summing Up

Mobile learning is the newest model of education that is being preferred by various online schools, institutions, and universities.

Learners get exposed to a new-age methodology that can provide unlimited merits if utilized appropriately. Although, a misuse of the same can also turn out to be unproductive or destructive.

Mobile learning can surely be termed as the future of the Indian education system as it carries enough potential to reach the masses and educate every learner present in the most mobile location of the world.

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