Top 5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Companies

Cross-platform mobile app development is getting popular because of its unique features. For instance, device compatibility, faster response, provide a native app-like experience, and most importantly, one single code can be used to develop apps for multiple platforms. 

If we analyze the current app development market, users are demanding different apps, and industries are hiring development companies to fulfil their needs. 

The demand for cross-platform apps is increasing as businesses are showing interest in developing their business app based on cross-platform. 
The blog has mentioned a list of the best cross-platform app development companies that can help you to develop an engaging and responsive mobile app for your business.

Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Companies 

1) AppsChopper

AppsChopper is a leading mobile app development company based in New York with expertise in developing a cross-platform app for your business. It was founded in 2011 and currently has 150+ experienced professionals who have expertise in different technologies like Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, JavaScript, etc. 

Their team has successfully delivered over 500+ projects in different sectors like healthcare, education, fintech, food, on-demand delivery apps, and cross-platform mobile apps. 

You can connect with them to develop a cross-platform app for your business based on modern technologies that can stand unique in the market and make the business competitive. Over the years, they have earned a good name from their satisfied clients and have good reviews and ratings across different reviews platform. 

The company has been serving clients across the globe, and some of their key clients are Vodafone, ShotKam, Shammy, BellyBump, Skilltaly, Absolute Vintage, etc. 

2) Zco Corporation 

Zco Corporation is a US-based mobile app development company that develops various mobile apps and competitive cross-platform mobile apps for your business. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Boston and New York. 

They have in-house 250+ employees who are highly experienced and professional in their work, with major expertise in developing a cross-platform app with the objective of making a business competitive. 

From small startups to large enterprise businesses, they can build an app for every business need. Their well-versed, experienced team has worked on different projects like healthcare, edtech, fintech, healthcare, food, etc. 

They have delivered more than 500 successful projects and serve clients across the globe. Their technical capabilities are in mobile apps, enterprise solutions, web-based apps, gaming apps, etc. 

Some of their key clients are Golflogix, SuperDraft, Lamp, Burndy Connect, HereNow, etc. 

3) Cleveroad

Cleveroad is a mobile app development company based in New York. The major expertise they hold in Native mobile and web development; Microservices and Cloud solutions; AI/Data Science, Machine Learning; Industrial IoT and Augmented reality; Cross-platform solutions. They were founded in 2011 and had more than 100 professionals who are well-experienced in different domains like healthcare, gaming, fintech, real estate, etc.  

Some of their major clients are Virgin Atlantic, HSBC, TDC Denmark, DPD Group, Fuji HI, Octopus Investments, Blockbuster, BET3000, MoneyWiz, etc. 

4) ScrumLaunch

When you talk about ScrumLaunch, it is a great organization for developing digital products for your business. The company was founded in 2016 and had more than 150 professionals. The developers are experienced in developing an engaging mobile app for your business, with a major proportion of developing a cross-platform app. 

They have major expertise in Web and Mobile App Development, Staff Augmentation, QA Automation, Dedicated Software Teams, UI/UX Design, DevOps, Data Pipelines & Machine Learning. The different technologies they are familiar with are React, ReactNative, NodeJS, Python, RubyOnRails, PHP (Laravel), Swift, Kotlin, AWS, Azure, Flutter, Vue, and Java.

Some of their major clients are GoGipper, Community Funded, CampusReel, SoilConnect, Heli, etc. 

5) Digiryte

It is a mobile app development firm based in the United Kingdom. The firm was founded in 2015 and had 50+ professionals working as in-house developers. The developers are well experienced and have worked in different verticals like agriculture, food, finance, etc. 

From cross-platform mobile app development to complete business transformation, their team is always ready to serve you better. 

They have been serving clients across the globe. Some of their clients are NHS, Channel 4, Close Brothers, Hinch Property Management, Vapewunder, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Acuity Coaching, Queen Mary University of London, and many more. 


Well, it is your good decision that you have decided to develop a cross-platform app for your business. You can develop an app for both platforms, the app will be fast and responsive, and it can benefit your business in multiple ways. 

You can easily approach any cross-platform app development company that can help you in developing an engaging app that meets your business standards and requirements. It is the right time to implement your thoughts in reality and develop a mobile app for your business.

Author Bio Steven Martin is a senior app developer at AppsChopper, who is not only passionate about coding but also likes to share his knowledge via writing unique content. He is dedicated to his work and stays updated with all the latest technologies trending in the market.

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