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The Physical chemistry combines chemistry with the physics basics i.e. A Physical chemistry is the study of the fundamental basis of chemical and physical systems and its processes. Also, biological sciences and physics.

The study of chemistry are one of the three main arms of science

Organic chemistry is basically the study of the structure, mechanisms, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and composition.

The sparkling of fumes, the emission of gases, the bursting of test tubes, the pungent and rotten egg smell, working In the laboratory and while playing with chemicals we feel we have become scientists. that feeling of working in the lab wearing white lab coat is something great.

The most important thing we learn from chemistry is:- “Life is always unpredictable”. That means we think would be the result, is never be the result. It is all about nature and it’s all about nature and it’s all natural. The structure of compounds and their complete study, the study of elements and their properties, in short, the complete study of Chemistry!

study of chemistry

A burn mark from a drop of HCl can darken up one’s life. On the contrary, a drop of HCl can lighten up a chemical reaction. This proves one more thing if we use a thing for a good purpose, it will lighten someone’s life, else it will darken. So, chemistry is not only the study of nature but a study of life also.

Now, let’s get practical and look at another aspect of chemistry and that is the dark side. We all know about Bhopal Gas Tragedy.  The life of many people came to an end due to this dreadful incident. The tragedy occurred due to some mismanagement of chemical in a plant. This lead to the emission of poisonous gas and hence thousands of people had lost their lives and still, people are suffering. So we should understand that if the chemistry is useful then it can be harmful too. while using chemistry in everyday life w should follow one rule that we should not disturb nature, else it will destroy us.

Hence, study of chemistry is very useful, unique, and mysterious subject. We should study it not to get good marks, but to unlock the hidden mysteries that are beyond the pages of any books and get the good experience in our life.

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