SEO Myths

SEO Myths to Avoid

If you want to bring a SEO company aboard to help your brand, you want to make sure that they don’t have outdated views on how to do the job. They may also be misguided about what methods actually work. Here are some myths that should be avoided.

Stuffing Your Posts With Keywords Is Good

There are some people who think that if you put multiple occurrences of a keyword into a blog post then it will attract more attention from the Google algorithm. Quite the opposite. The algorithm will figure out what you are doing and penalize you.

Instead, do some research into the words that you are thinking of including and be judicious about when you use them, try to make them be as natural as possible. Keyword research is not an area that you should be skimping on. Spending that time researching will ultimately be beneficial.

SEO Myths

SEO Myths to Avoid – Digital Marketing

You Need a Lot of Links

When it comes to links, the more the merrier, right? You could do a different link for every word.  No … that could backfire spectacularly.

The people who come to your site don’t want to spend their time clicking on a bunch of different links throughout the page. Focus more on higher quality links interspersed throughout the text rather than loading a ton of them. Otherwise you risk them just clicking out of your site.

You Can Set and Forget Your SEO

Once you have done your posts or pages and done the SEO, you can just leave it forever and work on other things. That is not a good strategy at all. The search algorithms are constantly changing and not keeping up with them is foolish.

That doesn’t mean that you need to check your site every day and make changes, but you do need to keep up with metrics and see what is or is not working. Otherwise you can be passed by other sites that do check their SEO consistently.

These are just some of the myths that are out there. Others include not thinking about how fast your web page loads or that is not worth thinking of a backlink strategy. You need to keep your ear to the ground to keep track of everything.

SEO is a field that is constantly in flux. What works at one point in time may not work in another. But it is worth the effort to track it in the long run.

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