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Qwerty asked 1 year ago
Explain all the 12 tenses with example.
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Seema Shrimali Staff answered 1 year ago

The basic 12 Verb Tenses in English

The links below are to lessons for each of the 12 basic English tenses. In each lesson we look at two aspects of the tense:

Structure: How do we make the tense?

Use: When and why do we use the tense?

Present Simple : I do , I do do

Example: “I play football.”

Present Perfect : I have done

Example: “I have played football.”

Present Continuous  : I have done

Example: “I am playing football.”

Present Perfect Continuous/Progressive : I have been doing

Example: “I have been playing football.”

Past Simple :  I did, I did do

Example: “I played football.”

Past Perfect : I had done

Example: “I had played football.”

Past Continuous/Progressive : I was doing

Example: “I had been playing football.”

Past Perfect Continuous/Progressive : I had been doing

Example: “I had been playing football.”

Future Simple : I will do

Example: “I will play football.”

Future Perfect : I will be doing

Example: “I will have played football.”

Future Continuous/Progressive : I will have done

Example: “I will be playing football.”

Future Perfect Continuous/Progressive : I will have been doing

Example: “I will have been playing football.”