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Dr. Mukesh Shrimali Staff asked 6 months ago

What are the Features and advantages of a JavaScript?

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Education Desk Staff answered 6 months ago

Features of JavaScript are :

  1. All popular web browsers support JavaScript as they provide built-in execution environments.
  2. JavaScript follows the syntax and structure of the C programming language. Thus, it is a structured programming language.
  3. JavaScript is a weakly typed language, where certain types are implicitly cast (depending on the operation).
  4. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that uses prototypes rather than using classes for inheritance.
  5. It is a light-weighted and interpreted language.
  6. It is a case-sensitive language.
  7. JavaScript is supportable in several operating systems including, Windows, macOS, etc.

    It provides good control to the users over the web browsers.

Disadvantages of JavaScript:

  1. This may be difficult to develop large applications, although you’ll also use the TypeScript overlay.
    1. The main problem or disadvantage in JavaScript is that the code is always visible to everyone anyone can view JavaScript code.
  2. If the error occurs in JavaScript, it can stop rendering the whole website. Browsers are extremely tolerant of JavaScript errors.
  3. This continuous conversion takes longer than the conversion of a number to an integer. This increases the time needed to run the script and reduces its speed.