Preparing for CBSE Class 12: Key Changes to Expect in the New Academic Session 2023-2024

Whether you are already pursuing CBSE Class 12 or entering a new session, the feelings might be mixed. You would feel excited one dayand nervous the other day, and this is completely normal as it’s that ladder of life, which you need to climb to enter good colleges and make your future even brighter. Many children are always stressed what if they don’t score well even after great preparation throughout the year, what if they forget important things at the last moment, what if the paper comes out of the syllabus? Make sure of one thing, refer to the right study material and you will never face such problems. 

Oswaal CBSE Class 12 question banks make your foundation stronger as a result whatever you would study will remain with you fora lifetime and this is proven.

Now you might be wondering there are so many options in the market, why are we only saying Oswaal should be your one go-to book for excellent preparations, let’s unveil:

1. They are up to date 
Considering the question paper patterns change every year, it is important for you to follow the specimen that is as per the standard set by the CBSE, and with Oswaal, you don’t have to think much as their book is published after much researchadhering to all the changes so that students remain up to date and don’t end up preparing in old patterns. Believe it or not, this a serious issue and students are surprised during the exams. It’s not their fault, it’s the question bank for class 12th that they are referringto that is not updated. 

2. Sample question papers, which have a high chance of appearing in CBSE Board exams
Yes, you it right! Oswaal has earned a great name in all these years, as the books try to help students in each and every way possible, the end goal being to make them get the highest marks and top their school, state, or even the country. After all the research and decades of expertise, Oswaal provides 5 sample papers that have a high chance to appear in board exams. 

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3. On-tip notes and revision notes 

Studying a thesis at the last moment is next to impossible, and the feeling that something is left out builds a lot more pressure as a result of which even the answers that you know go wrong. If you want to confidently appear in exams then make Oswaal CBSE Class 12 question bank your best friend that hason-tip revision notes that make your 1-year journey a lot easier. Earlier people used to make notes, now you have them ready-made. What’s better than that?

4. 500+ questions to practice 

They say practice makes a man perfect and that holds true in the case of exam preparation also. A pro tip for all the students- Complete your syllabus in advance and then only practice, that’s how you will get to know little things where you might go wrong during exams. 500+ questions are enough to test your knowledge and when you know the question bank for class 12th comprises the most important questions then you are more confident.

Leave no stone unturned to get those scores, which you have dreamed of for last so many years. But always remember, a small mistake and everything will change. Therefore, be cautious from the beginning. Don’t go by tall claims in advertisements, rather buy the Oswaal CBSE Class 12 question banks and try for yourselves. Talk to your peers who are already using it or your seniors and must know their feedback.

You will have to take the first step; no one else will take it on your behalf. For the entire course of action be rest assured that you are referring to the latest syllabus, and paper pattern so that the preparations are in the right direction. You don’t have to hit stores to buy your copies, in the digital world that we live in everything will reach you right at the doorstep, just order from Amazon and Flipkart at a heavy discount. You will never regret the decision. Just give it a try.

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