Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Constitution Design

Importance of the Preamble to the Constitution of India

The Constitution of the Republic of India is introduced to us through a wisely formulated Preamble. It is an introductory part of the Constitution, though not a legal section of the Constitution. No one can sue the government in the Court of Law and can say that the government has not enforced the Preamble. Still it has great importance of its own because it shows the way the government ought to run and the kind of system the Constitution wishes to set up in India. It makes the intentions of our Constitution quite clear through the following point :
1. It declares India to be Sovereign Socialist-Secular, Democratic Republic.
2. It envisages justice - Social, Economic and Political - for all the citizens of the republic.
3. It would ensure all types of freedom necessary for the individual i.e., freedom of thought and expression, freedom of faith, freedom of belief and of worship, etc.
4. It would strive for equality of status and opportunity to all individuals and safeguard their dignity irrespective of their religious belief or sect.
5. It would promote a sense of brotherhood among the citizens.
6. Unity of the nation would be the hallmark of the efforts of the Government.
Thus, we find that the Preamble to our Constitution is the real index to the provisions-to-come in the Constitution of the Republic of India.

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