The multiple intelligence theory can help the students in the education. Using the special intelligence or multiple intelligence to edify a concept and permit each of your various learners, give chance to be a better learner …

Teaching and explaining according to student’s strength helps to get learned and get success at a lower stream

This multiple intelligence can make the student confident and best in his mental ability.; from this, we can simply learn the things in better ways.

According to Howard Gardner, the eight multiple intelligence are:

  • numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
  • words (linguistic intelligence)
  • music (musical intelligence)
  • self-reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
  • a social experience (interpersonal intelligence), and/or
  • physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
  • pictures (spatial intelligence)
  • naturalistic (naturalistic intelligence was proposed by him in 1995, Not is the part of Gardner’s original seven)

When we planning a lesson, teachers can start the plan or identify the multiple intelligence or two in how it is taught for the students. For example, to teach a topic of your favorite subject like as the fraction in a whole week.

  1. Monday: Logical-Mathematical: use puzzles, graphs, number lines, and brain games with suitable examples
  2. Tuesday: Bodily-Kinesthetic: body formations, manipulatives, movement in the classroom
  3. Wednesday: Linguistic: Journaling, picture, sketches, books, poems with voice understanding
  4. Thursday: Spatial: dominoes, cards, flash cards with drawings with colored sketches
  5. Friday: Naturalistic: nature walk with journals and education online materials
  6. Saturday: Interpersonal: create groups and cooperative others and learning with playing games
  7. Sunday : Intrapersonal: individual prefaces to check work

Homework can also be completed with a particular intelligence in mind.

In this we can identify our multiple intelligence and how we can prove that we are intelligence so they are some points to explain this at simple manner and Intelligence has been definite in various ways to contain the capability of logic, sympathetic (understanding), self-attentiveness (being aware of yourself ), learning, affecting (emotional)  facts (knowledge ), analysis, development, imagination, problem solving and creative ideas  of an student. Multiple intelligence is defined as groups so children can simply improve his/her ability to learn and every child can get full knowledge from their teacher or online.

Multiple intelligence is of 9 types :

  1. Naturalist (nature smart): This defines simply as a student’s nature that how he/she is socially included by his/her nature.
  2. Musical (sound smart): Listening to music in a day make a brain active and smart and usually the students who listen to their catch up power has more than other students.
  3. Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart): Who has smarter in math’s or solving make the students able to learn more clearly in every subject.
  4. Existential (life smart): This defines that more the children experience the more the children can smarter in learning, this also means that the more we see and think about that we can get more power to think and learn about new things in multiple intelligence.
  5. Interpersonal (people smart): Get to know about people and making a real difference between relationship and unknown, strangers.
  6. Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart): Be good in body-language which is very strong from our words too, so children must be known by body language.
  7. Linguistic (word smart): What to say to whom children should know clearly and more clear and confident the child more he can take the knowledge on his brain.
  8. Intra-personal (self-smart) children should be self-smart because they have to know about that what should they have to decide and what they can get from those things these things should clear and fixed.
  9. Spatial (picture smart): Some of those children who can’t define the word to see the picture but it is a very important thing to define that the children should know about the picture what they see and what they observe about those things.

So, all of these things can make the child smarter and healthy from the brain ; they can easily learn and simplify their life with education and don’t get any trouble from the education that usually every second child has, if they do all those things daily for learning they will surely get the best result in their education and learning.

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