Score Good Marks in Biology

How to Plan to get a good score in Biology, CBSE Examination?

A Biology subject teaches a student about the science with life which is the most important for the preparation of board exams to get a good score in biology in the boards of examinations without any pain. The advantage of the subject is that we good score in biology without planning like other subjects such as Mathematics. These subjects need more preparation as compare to biology.

Overall, Maximum marks in biology subject in the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Boards are 100 marks distribute 70 of theory and rest 30 for Practical Examination.

A Good Work Plan to spreading the theory marks in the subject biology:

  1. Chapter : Reproduction
    1. Some Important Topics Covered –   prepare flowcharts of various processes, Practice diagrams, few long questions and small definitions.
    2. Marks Distribution in Examination – 14
  2. Chapter : Genetics & Evolution
    1. Some Important Topics Covered – Through conceptual clarity and prepare definitions.
    2. Marks Distribution in Examination – 18
  3. Chapter : Biology in Human Welfare
    1. Some Important Topics Covered – Prepare some essay type questions, one line answers.
    2. Marks Distribution in Examination – 14
  4. Chapter : Biotechnology and Its Applications
    1. Some Important Topics Covered – Understand the core process; prepare short answers and application-based questions.
    2. Marks Distribution in Examination – 10
  5. Chapter : Ecology & Environmental Issues
    1. Some Important Topics Covered – Prepare short and essay type questions on current issues and definitions.
    2. Marks Distribution in Examination – 14

Unit wise Preparation in Examination

It is suitable for students to good score in biology, first revise number one unit, three and five which is Reproduction, Environmental Issues, Biology in Human Welfare and Ecology and correspondingly. These chapters comprise 42 marks out of 70 marks. These units have good and clear information, add facts and images, with a proper description.Score Good Marks in Biology

Now, in second unit i.e Genetics and Evolution require a complete and broad understanding of the concepts to score better in board examination. You can access the online biology course for the reference.


Procedure to groove it Maximum Marks:

The marking of a subject biology is specific in board exams. All of your answers give in the examination must be follow a rule or synchronization with the pattern and must be informative at the same time. All the subsequent questions and its specific answers are expected in these questions. The answer will be written in points as the according to the marks in given and maintain the length of the answers are properly representing the keywords, important facts with the help of labeled flowcharts, diagrams, tables, figures etc.

Time management is important for every student appearing in the examination. They should try to complete his examination in a particular time interval.

  • Reach your examination center before the schedule of time, avoid the last minute chaos and confusion.
  • Always be confident and positive all the time during the examination.
  • Read all the questions in the examination carefully and give answers in reading all the questions in the examination carefully and give answers in with facts flowcharts, tables as required and what the examiner has asked.
  • Keep the answer sheet neat and clean while examination, it gives the positive impression to the examiner.
  • When completing the examination, before handing over your answer sheets to the examiner, please review all of your answers. Also, underline all the main points or facts.

Focus on Different Sample Papers and NCERT Textbooks:

To get the good score in biology, you should widely and thoroughly read all the related textbooks, practice answering sample papers in the time frame, it will help you remember a long time but will also give you an advantage of other related questions. In addition, reading NCERT Textbooks will help you a score good in Board of examination (CBSE) and also give you an additional support when preparing other competitive examinations also like as AIIMS NEET etc.

  • Always be taking proper sleep the night before the examination, so that your brain can get comfortable to the good score in biology, refreshed and relaxed on the examination day.
  • In last You have the assurance that “You Can get a good score in biology for Better in Examination” and always develop a positive approach towards it. Also, make a Self-confidence believes in you in crucial time add to your efficiency.
  • Before the final date of examination, don’t read any new one topic and more and more focus on important revised topics of your textbook and notes.

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